As Tanzania and Africa in general shuttles towards the 21st Century, “growth” is the name of the game and nowhere else is this more evident as in the construction industry. The continents hunger for infrastructure is growing fast and this means more demand on Energy to drive this growth.

    Energy also became my focus as I entered into the construction industry armed with an MBA in marketing from the University of Wales and a post graduate degree in Business Management from the London school of commerce. I knew I had what it takes to ride this new wave. My journey started off as Head of Corporate Accounts for the national power company (TANESCO). This role gave me access to valuable contacts in Government and the private sector as I headed the Principal Large Power Users section that dealt with the State House, all Government departments, the Army, the Airport, the Ports and literally any large power user who was plugged into the national Grid.

    After climbing up the corporate ladder, I felt it was time to widen my reach and I locked my sights to Africa as a region with the largest growth potential especially in the construction industry and this lead me to join BAM International where I headed the New Business Development Department. This new role opened up the world to me.

    Many years later, together with some leading industry heads we created CONNECT, one of the most respected consultancy firms in Tanzania with a presence in five countries. Together with our customers, we deliver landmark projects that create long-term progress and economic growth. While our expertise ensures delivery, ongoing collaboration remains critical to long-term success. By aligning our capabilities to our customer’s goals, we help them create industry and economies.

    • Australian National University


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